Capacitive keyboards

These keyboards are based on constantly measuring the electrical capacity of the touch area, which varies when touched with a finger, allowing for the creation of very thin and flexible devices that can be integrated into curved surfaces. Additionally, by being able to make these keyboards with transparent buttons, the possibility of backlighting them is offered, and they can be integrated, with in-mold technology, into vehicle control panels, creating a compact and robust solution.

Thin and flexible keyboards easily integrated

The capacitive technology allows for a longer lifespan and lower maintenance compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. These capacitive keyboards are an innovative and efficient solution for projects where a custom touch interface is required.

If you are looking for an innovative and cost-effective solution for your capacitive keyboard projects, additive manufacturing is an excellent option. Being a printing process, raw material is not wasted and no engraving and developing processes are required, reducing environmental impact and production costs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Common markets

With the growing interest in sustainable solutions, these devices are being considered as an attractive alternative to traditional technologies due to their low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Some of the markets demanding this type of solution are:

      • Automotive
      • Housing and construction
      • Consumer goods
      • Industrial machinery

Common applications

This innovative and versatile technology allows for integration into a wide variety of fields and sectors. These flexible and printed keyboards are an efficient and cost-effective solution for a large number of applications. Here are some examples of how these devices can be used in different fields and contexts.

      • Capacitive keyboards for vehicle dashboards.
      • Keyboards for consumer goods (oven, microwave, induction plates).
      • Industrial applications.

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