Electrochromic devices

With our printed electronics technology, we manufacture thin and flexible electrochromic devices that are easy to integrate into any shape and surface. These devices provide a unique visual experience by changing color based on the electrical current they receive. This allows for the creation of completely free designs and figures, making them ideal for integrating mobile pictograms into various products, such as smart labels, consumer electronics devices and clothing among others. Additionally, their low energy consumption and cost-effective production make them an excellent option for lighting and signage projects.

This technology is based on additive manufacturing and is a process that offers cost and environmental benefits. As a printing process, raw material is not wasted and no engraving and developing processes are required unlike in traditional PCB manufacturing.

In summary, if you're looking for an innovative and cost-efficient solution for your projects, the electrochromic devices we manufacture are the perfect choice. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

Common markets

With the growing interest in sustainable solutions, these devices are being considered as an attractive alternative to traditional technologies due to their low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Some of the markets demanding this type of solution are:

      • Packaging
      • Logistics
      • Clothing

Common applications

This innovative and versatile technology allows integration in a wide variety of fields and sectors. Undoubtedly, these flexible and printed electrochromics are an efficient and cost-effective solution for a large number of applications. Here are some examples of how these devices can be used in different fields and areas.

      • Smart monitoring labels
      • Security and authentication labels
      • Labels for consumer products
      • Smart cards

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