Electroluminescent devices

With printed electronics technology, we manufacture thin and flexible electroluminescent devices that are easy to integrate into any shape and surface. By lighting up when an electrical current flows through them, these devices provide a unique visual experience that sets the products apart from the rest. In addition, since they can be easily integrated into product packaging, they generate greater brand recognition and increase its perceived value. This innovative technology is also used to attract consumers' attention at points of sale and in marketing and advertising applications, as it makes it possible to create eye-catching and effective campaigns.

Previously, luminous devices for packaging or points of sale could be made, but their price was prohibitive for individual products. Now, this disruptive technology allows for a cheaper and more sustainable solution, as it can also be printed on paper.

Unlike conventional luminous elements, electroluminescent devices do not generate heat and are much more energy-efficient. The type of light they emit is a non-dazzling light, which is an advantage for safety clothing in nighttime work or for nighttime sports. If properly protected, it becomes waterproof and can even be washed, making it extremely durable and lightweight.

Flexible, efficient and robust luminous devices

By using an additive manufacturing process, waste of raw material is avoided and the typical processes of engraving and developing in the manufacture of conventional PCBs or rigid electronic boards are reduced, resulting in a lower environmental impact and higher efficiency in terms of costs. If you are looking for an innovative solution for your lighting projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Common markets

With the growing interest in sustainable solutions, these devices are being considered as an attractive alternative to traditional technologies due to their low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Some of the markets demanding this type of solution are:

      • Packaging
      • Automotive 
      • Clothing

Common applications

This innovative and versatile technology allows integration into a wide range of fields and industries. Without a doubt, these flexible and printed electroluminescent devices are an efficient and cost-effective solution for a large number of applications. Here are some examples of how these devices can be used in different fields and contexts.

      • Light-emitting clothing, mainly for safety
      • Backlighting in vehicle panels
      • Bright packaging
      • PoS (Point of Sale) with light effects

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