Printed and flexible flat cables

Printed cables are an innovative and cost-effective solution for your projects. These flexible substrate printed cables allow for great versatility in design and shape, making them adaptable to any type of application. They are also much lighter than conventional cables, which helps reduce weight and space. With these cables, it is possible to make path changes, even hybridizing SMD components such as LEDs, chips, and resistors.

If you're looking for a more cost-effective and sustainable option for your flexible printed circuit board projects, additive manufacturing is an excellent choice. As a printing process, it eliminates waste of raw materials and does not require etching and developing processes as in traditional PCB fabrication, which helps reduce environmental impact. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Common markets

With the growing interest in sustainable solutions, these cables are being considered as an attractive alternative to traditional technologies due to thier low environmental impact, incredible flat geometry and extremely light weight. Some of the markets demanding this type of solution are:

      • Automotive

      • Industrial machinery

      • Aerospace

      • Aviation

Common applications

This innovative and versatile technology allows its integration into a wide variety of fields and sectors. These flexible and printed flat cables are an efficient and cost-effective solution for a large number of applications. Here are some examples of how these cables can be used in different fields and areas.

      • Signal cables in vehicles to reduce weight
      • Lightweight cabling for drones
      • Cabling for complex shapes
      • Cabling for very thin spaces
      • Cabling for moving parts

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