Printed flexible heaters

Flexible heaters made with printed electronics are a highly energy-efficient heating solution as they use high-conductivity thermal resistant inks to convert electricity into heat. Additionally, being printed on flexible substrates, these heaters are highly versatile and can be shaped to fit different forms and sizes, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The freedom of shape also allows for designing with distinct active zones, enabling temperature control in different areas of the device.

In addition, the possibility of using thermochromic inks makes it easier to see when specific temperatures have been met, which facilitates monitoring and control. These features make printed flexible heaters an ideal solution for mobile applications such as wearables, IoT devices, medical devices, and environmental sensors.

Customizable, adaptable and efficient heaters

Our innovative technology allows clients to customize the design and features of heaters to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, as an additive manufacturing process, it does not waste raw materials in the printing process, nor does it require the typical etching and developing processes in the PCB or conventional electronics rigid board manufacturing sector, which reduces environmental impact and production costs. So if you are looking for an innovative and cost-efficient solution for your heating projects, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Common Markets

These heaters are already being used in several market sectors. Additionally, with the growing interest in sustainable solutions, these heaters are being considered as an attractive alternative to traditional technologies due to their low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Some of the markets that demand this type of solution are:

      • Automotive
      • Aerospace
      • Medical applications
      • Clothing
      • Furniture

Common applications

This innovative and versatile technology allows for integration into a wide range of fields and industries. Without a doubt, these printed flexible heaters are an efficient and cost-effective solution for a large number of applications. Here are some examples of how these heaters can be used in different fields and environments:

      • Heated car seats
      • Defrosting car windows
      • Heated pad for babies
      • Heated blankets
      • Winter sports or outdoor worker clothing such as heated gloves, boots, jackets, etc.
      • Heated floors, walls and tables.


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