NFC / RFID antennas

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range (a few centimeters), high-frequency wireless communication technology derived from RFID that allows for data exchange between devices. It's an ideal option for applications that require physical touch or close proximity, providing increased security.

The NFC tag integrates with the product label and allows consumers to access product and brand information with just a touch of their smartphone. Furthermore, if required these tags can be applied so that they break when the seal of a bottle is broken, ensuring product authenticity.

NFC provides a variety of options for consumers and businesses, such as ease of use (only requires a simple touch), versatility for a wide range of industries and uses, a universal standard-based foundation, compatibility with other wireless technologies, security, and interoperability with existing contactless card technologies.

The simplest way for an object to interact with a smartphone

NFC technology is intuitive and easy to use, requiring only a simple touch to interact with devices. It is also very versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries and environments. NFC technology is based on universally implemented ISO, ECMA, and ETSI standards, making it open and easy to integrate with other technologies.

It is also a very secure technology, as transmissions are short-range and do not require a prolonged physical connection. Additionally, it is interoperable with other existing contactless card technologies. NFC also has built-in capabilities to support secure applications, making it ideal for applications that require a high level of security.

Added benefits:

      • Promoting app usage to strengthen customer loyalty
      • Driving response with smart packaging and hanging tags
      • Providing product authentication for premium products
      • Ensuring product quality through integrated detection
      • Offering a connection to social media
      • Facilitating automated or subscription-based purchases and reordering
      • Establishing a personal connection through showroom visits.

Common applications

NFC tags can be applied to virtually any physical medium, including printed posters, point of sale displays, demonstration cards, shelf signage, adhesive labels, bottles and containers and product packaging.

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