Expanding Horizons: Our Commitment to Printed Electronics through the EMERGE Project and with the support of RISE

Marc Vizern

In a world of constant technological evolution, advancement and innovation are essential to stay at the forefront. At the beginning of 2024, some of our colleagues, Ferran Micaló and Marc Vizern, had the privilege of seeing and immersing themselves in the exciting world of printed electronics at the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). This experience was not only an opportunity to learn but also to share and debate about the future of this disruptive technology.

An Enriching Experience at RISE

  • Learning and Sharing: Ferran and Marc had the unique opportunity to explore the latest advances in printed electronics, exchanging knowledge, taking advantage of experience, RISE's extensive facilities and discussing new ideas with experts in the field.
  • Collaboration and Dialogue: The visit to RISE fostered a space for open dialogue, where collaboration between different actors in the field is seen as the path to innovation and technological development.

EMERGE Project: Promoting Printed Electronics

  • About the Project: EMERGE, a subsidized project that has provided funding for this activity, plays a crucial role in the advancement of printed electronics, facilitating collaborations like the one we are experiencing at RISE.
  • Objectives and Scope: The EMERGE project seeks not only to support research in printed electronics but also to promote collaborations and thus facilitate the integration of this technology in commercial and everyday applications, accelerating its arrival to the market.

The Importance of Printed Electronics

  • Innovation and Applications: Printed electronics open a range of possibilities to innovate in various sectors, from medicine to consumer electronics, thanks to its flexibility and large-scale production capacity.
  • Sustainability and Future: This technology not only promises to transform the way we interact with electronic devices but also aligns with global efforts for a more sustainable future, reducing the environmental impact of electronic production.

From our point of view it was interesting to visit and collaborate with RISE so we invited the rest of the community to explore more about printed electronics and participate in this journey towards innovation. If you are interested in how printed electronics can revolutionize your sector, contact us. Together, we can take printed technology to the next level.

We thank the EMERGE Project for this opportunity and the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) for hosting these enriching discussions. At Rotimpres, we firmly believe that the path to development and innovation in printed electronics is built through continuous learning, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are excited about what the future holds in this field and committed to being a part of that future.