Technology for large-scale manufacturing of devices for digitizing analog objects

Digital transformation of society is a necessity and must become a reality by 2030 according to the European Commission, providing both individuals and companies with a digital focus. Companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of digital transformation, as it will enable them to compete on equal footing in the global market.

The main goal of the project is to achieve the digitization of two analog objects using industrial scale printed electronics.


In the publishing industry, a new phenomenon has taken center stage in digital form using e-books or tablets as support, which increases the electronic waste generated daily and can contribute to the nearly 50 million tons of electronic waste generated annually according to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). The possibility of accessing digital content on more sustainable devices and with a high degree of recyclability is the main motivation that brings together the partners of this investigative project.

In the case of C-Book, the main objective is to provide the analog element, in this case a book, with digital functionality, thus increasing its added value and product life cycle. Specifically, it will allow the reader-publisher connection through the use of NFC antennas and will have a visual effect that attracts the attention of customers using printed optoelectronic devices.

In the logistics sector, it is very important to have relevant information regarding the properties of certain goods, such as temperature range, shocks, vibrations, handling, etc., before delivery to the end consumer.

For the case of C-Box, the general objective is to unify all measures (temperature, humidity, movement) in one product with a high technological level that can be manufactured with standardized components and traceable by the product sender, thus ensuring transport conditions and creating a communication channel between the package receiver and sender.