Smart Battery Case

Functionalization of materials for electromobility

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This project is based on the functionalization of materials for electromobility, it is an industrial research project that aims to develop new, technologically advanced and more efficient digitalized battery cases for electric and hybrid vehicles, specifically for maritime transport.

The final goal of the project is to drive the digital and energy transition towards electromobility through research in advanced materials with industrial applicability, their manufacturing processes and associated technologies. The initiative promotes the involvement, collaboration, and cooperation of small and medium enterprises in order to increase their competitiveness and the growth of the business sector in the region.

Smart Battery Case
Smart Battery Case

The research will focus on:

    • Developing a battery casing using composite materials that are lightweight, resistant to the marine environment and have radio transparency properties to facilitate wireless communication.
    • Developing a system of electronic devices and sensors integrated into the battery casing using additive technology to ensure real-time management and control of the system from other devices.
    • Studying the thermal management of the battery casing to improve battery performance, reduce consumption, extend battery life and charging cycles, and reduce potential failures.