SMARTSTOCK DUOMO 2.0 - Digitization of logistics processes and inventory management with Smart Pressure Sensor

Rotimpres is a member of the consortium in the SMARTSTOCK DUOMO 2.0 project, a state-subsidized R&D initiative, in collaboration with other companies. The project seeks to revolutionize inventory management with an innovative approach: the creation of printed sensors with electronic printing. These sensors, applied in boxes and drawers, monitor stock through weight, allowing flexible and thin devices that can be integrated into storage structures.

Consortium Participants:

The consortium is made up of 4 SMEs and 2 AEIs from Catalonia and Navarra, specialized in various areas, from functional printing to technological consulting and logistics handling.

Akoma: Experts in handling, logistics and storage, they focus on the robotization and digitalization of logistics processes, providing a practical perspective to the project.

Embeblue S.L: With 10 years of experience in IoT and Industry 4.0, they provide key knowledge in electronics design and manufacturing.

Rotimpres: Specialists with 40 years of experience in printing and now contribute their knowledge in printed electronics.

Twentic: Technology consultancy specialized in customized digital platforms, contributing with its experience in the development of personalized solutions.

Functional Print Cluster: Grouping of 85 companies specialized in functional printing, providing experience in printing technologies.

Packaging Cluster: Non-profit association with more than 130 members, leader in improving competitiveness in the packaging sector.

Issues Addressed:

  • Increase in orders and logistical complexity.
    Inefficiency and high cost of inventory control systems.
  • Need to modernize and automate logistics processes.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Sensor printing with additive technology for efficient and economical inventory management.
  • Transformation of the manual to automatic logistics model with advanced warehouse, ordering and handling management systems.

Project Objectives:

  • Develop sensors with printed electronics to monitor stock in real time.
  • Create an automated logistics platform for e-commerce.
  • Digitize and automate logistics processes, integrating management systems.

Expected Results:

  • Improvement in efficiency and cost reduction in warehouse management.
  • Development of robust electronic systems for connecting sensors.
  • Greater automation and digitalization in order and warehouse management.

This project seeks not only to optimize resources and processes, but also to boost competitiveness and innovation in participating companies and potentially replicate this technology in the sector. The initiative is aligned with line 3 of Digital Technologies in industrial research, and the participants, with their diverse experience, seek to contribute to the advancement of the industry and the adoption of Industry 4.0.